Seniors' Pet Assistance Network

     Helping our seniors with the care of their companion pets!

Want to Volunteer?

Help us make a difference! We are always looking for eager volunteers to help us with an array of needs. Read below and see where you might want to help out:

  • Maintenance of our pet pantry: buy pet food, pick up donated food, organization of the pantry
  • Delivering of food: visit our seniors and their pets and drop off food for the month.
  • Volunteer intake: maintain our volunteer roster and help with orientation for new volunteers.
  • Partnerships: maintain vet client list and sponsor list; build relationships
  • Board Member: attend monthly board meetings, take official minutes

And so much more! Interested yet? If so, please email us at [email protected].

This Month's Valued Volunteer: PJ Testa

Every month, we will feature one of our wonderful volunteers! Meet PJ Testa, one of our fundraising chairs, and learn a little about why she decided to join SPAN.

  1. How long have you been a SPAN volunteer? I joined the organization in September 2011. 
  2. What brought you to SPAN? I read an article in the paper and thought, what would I do if I couldn't afford to take care of my furry family. I thought this cause was just so great.
  3. Why do you volunteer with SPAN?  I can’t imagine not being able to feed and care for my dogs.
  4. Favorite moment from SPAN?  Delivering the food to our seniors and seeing what it is all about!
  5. When you are not volunteering at SPAN, what do you do to fill your day? I work at Feedback Plus, garden, reading, needlepointing, movie/theater, author speaking events and spend time with my grandkids.
  6. Do you have any furry (or feathered) friends?  Bingo and Molly are my dachshunds.  Silver Dapple and Piebald. 

Past Valued Volunteers

Volunteer, Marianne Woody

  1. How long have you been a SPAN volunteer? Nine months 
  2. What brought you to SPAN? I read an article about SPAN in the Lake Highlands Advocate
  3. Why do you volunteer with SPAN?  I love animals and I enjoy helping the elderly.
  4. Favorite moment from SPAN?  Food delivery, just to see how much the clients appreciate what we do for them.
  5. When you are not volunteering at SPAN, what do you do to fill your day?  I am an independent contractor for a travel agency.  I sing in the choir at my church and play flute in the Mesquite Symphonic Band.  I have an 8-year-old granddaughter that I love spending time with whever she can come to Dallas.
  6. Do you have any furry (or feathered) friends? If so, what are their names, how old, and what breed? I have a dog and 2 cats.  My dog, Gracie, is an 7-year-old mixed breed. One of my cats, Celia, is a 4-year-old Torbie and my other cat, Freddie, is a 3-year-old Domestic Longhaired tuxedo cat.

 Aunt Louise Pet Pantry Director, Janet Watson!

  1. How long have you been a SPAN volunteer? I have been with SPAN since August 2011. 
  2. What brought you to SPAN? I saw an article in the Coppell newspaper talking about the Dog Days of Summer and thought what a neat idea to help senior citizens with their pets.
  3. Why do you volunteer with SPAN? I volunteer because I like to help others and I have a special place in my heart for seniors and animals.  
  4. What is your favorite moment from SPAN so far? My favorite to this point was our trip to Orlando, FL with our president, Sue McComb. I only knew Sue from working in the pantry and this was a chance to get to know her on a personal basis and develop a new friendship.
  5. When you are not volunteering, what do you do to fill your day? Other than caring for the house, my time is limited since I have  special needs child at home. That take a lot of my time caring for him.  
  6. Any furry friends? Two furry friends! Beckham, a Chihuahua is 6 1/2 years old and spoiled rotten. We acquired him from my youngest son who found out that caring for a pet is like a child and his soccer career did not allow him time to care for him properly. And we have a Maine Coon cat named Mystery that we adopted three years ago from a neighbor who put him out when he was three months old.  

 Read below about our Founder, Adelle Taylor!

Every month we recognize one of our hard-working volunteers! We thought we would kick this year's off with SPAN's founder, Adelle Taylor. Read below for some interesting facts on our wonder woman!

Adelle Taylor is a champion for seniors and their pets. In 2006, when a friend at the Senior Source of Dallas saw an alarming trend in low-income senior lifestyles, she called on Adelleto help find a solution.

"When I was asked to find a way to get financial help for some low-income senior citizens and their pets, I just simply said 'Sure, I will help!' After many phone calls and a response of 'gee that is sad, but no money to help,' I had to rethink things," said SPAN's founder, Adelle.

From these concerns, Adelle rallied a small group of pet owners and volunteers and they began making serious calls. One person brought another interested person and they brought another so things began to take shape. "The work that Adelle Taylor has done in creating, sustaining and advancing SPAN is incredibly impressive. She's one of those people with a gift for leading and inspiring others to make a difference and I am thrilled to have worked with her in launching SPAN," said Mark Thompson, vice president of marketing, Irving Convenction and Visitors Bureau.

In 2007, SPAN was established as a 501 (c)(3) Texas non-profit corporation funded solely through private donations and operated completely by volunteers. Under Taylor's leadership, this small team created a way to assist low-income seniors with food for their pets and dreamed of a bigger version of also helping with veterinary care for their animals.

According to Adelle, "I have sought to have the SPAN Mission embraced by the Dallas community. I am especially pleased and proud that SPAN is beginning to appeal to young professionals as an important volunteer opportunity."

Taylor exemplifies 'aging well' with passion and purpose. Her work with the arts is surpassed only by her zeal for helping older people to be able to continue to have their pets in their lives.

Linda Floyd, director of the Elder Support Program at the Senior Source stated, "Adelle understands that pets enhance the quality of life for people of any age, but particularly for older individuals who are experiencing many life changes and losses. There is an art to growing older and Adelle is a wonderful example."

Thank you Adelle!